~ Take advantage of Taurus Moon’s long void to complete those things that you already have in the queue. New projects are better kept for another day. Today, it is routine business. If you have work to do, “get ‘er done.” Look for information today that is needed or has been missing. When the Moon is in Taurus, its time to come up with practical solutions for challenges on your docket. The answers are there for the taking. In Taurus, they are simple, no nonsense, down-to-earth and practical.

You’ll want to grab hold of your tether and check the safety clips. We have many relationships, (parents, teachers, mentors, authority figures, the VIP’s in your life), that are all partially responsible for molding the solid core of who you are. Not the ‘Hearts and Flowers’ kind of loved ones who get the glory but the Worker Bees who were there in the line of duty, day-in and day-out. They were always doing the work behind the scenes to keep the infrastructure intact. When Venus hooks up with Saturn, you pay attention and realize that life is all about your unsung heroes.

Those ‘behind the scenes’ jobs that must be done for love, with love, in the name of love to keep life moving smoothly. Its time to get serious about those parts of love’s backdrop necessary for the daily functioning. Love doesn’t just look like diamonds and flowers; it’s not all glam and glory. When Venus and Saturn get together – It’s the time to take a long hard look at love and really see all that it requires. A serious commitment to have and to hold takes hard, unglamorous work and constant funding day in and day out to produce the beautiful, theatrical productions of love, luxury and romance.

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