~ Prepare for a productive day but beware; it ends with the feeling that you did not accomplish all that you wanted. Today is no ‘walk in the park’ and “A-Tisket-A-Tasket; your green and yellow basket” is filled up with some challenging aspects. Channelled in the proper direction, you could accomplish quite a bit. You’ll be determined and persistent. You will also be fortunate enough to have the endurance, stubborn bull headed-ness and quiet resolve of the Taurus Moon all day. So. stick to it. Prod away.

Saturn is in a bad mood. The super sensitive ‘Pisces Sun’ gets his toes stepped on and his ego bruised by Saturn-in-Sagittarius to kick off the day. Then a minute later, yup a minute, the Moon-in-Taurus picks a fight with Mercury-in-Aquarius.  This produces a more than text book example of the ‘Monday Morning Back to Work Blues’. It could take most of the day to shake off the funk. You will need mental toughness so you are mindful to navigate successfully through the usual Monday doldrums. Give yourself a break. Saturn can give you a hard enough time, so go easy on yourself.

Remember that Saturn has a ‘Point and Purpose.’  Without his strict discipline and work ethic, what would you have? You would float along ……….not accomplishing, not achieving. Saturn does not like that; he wants to see ambition. He wants you climbing some mountain and making progress. He’s the guy that pushes you to achieve, to build structure. He likes to see you ‘get ahead.’ He gives it to you straight. He serves up a healthy dose of reality. Most of us don’t like Saturn because he represents hard work. He’s the “no pain, no gain” man. However, if you are loving where you’re going, little pain is a minor price to pay to enjoy paradise.

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