~ Hip Hip Hooray!!!  Today is the day that Venus and Mars are exact-by-conjunction: at just 13 minutes after midnight on the east coast of North America. Now, for many of you, the time of exact will mean nothing, but what will is that this is the first of three times that these two meet up this year. It’s promise is to bring back into your life, all the goddess-ruled elements of love and luxury and their expressions thereof. Now ……that is significant and noteworthy. These two have not been this close since September 11, 2008 and you are more than ready for some lovin’ and luxury. Just those words alone should tell you a lot. In general, love and ‘the things you love,’ both get a whole lot closer this year by having a rare “triple occurrence” of the conjunction in one year.

Circle these dates and a few days on either side. February 21, August 31 and November 2. The dynamic duo kicks off in the sign of the Ram. These two are on a mission. At summer’s end, the two will “Show and Tell’ in a dramatic – almost theatrical production. Come November, love will be solid as a rock and here to stay. You have a love you can depend on.  You are ready to settle down; you are laying down a solid foundation. That is the agenda of Mars and Venus and all of the things they rule in your chart.

Today, enjoy the pleasantness of the day. Complete what needs to be done early in the day.  When the Moon saunters into Taurus at 7:28 PM, grab your comfy blanket, make your nest and indulge in your favorite calming ritual. Tomorrow is a challenging and productive day.  Rest easy, the Taurus Moon will help steady the ship.

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