~ It will be a toss up which planetary configuration is the headliner, A.K.A. “the aspect d’jour.”  There are a few different combinations that are competing for the title. ‘The Goddess of Emoting’ hooks up with Uranus, triggering the hot spot of ‘Pluto-Uranus Square,’ that we have all come to know and love ( NOT). All that Jazz is still not over because we have plenty of action left, leading up to next month’s finale.

So, some of you can ‘expect’ to say good bye. Something ceases to no longer be necessary in your life. But don’t be sad because whatever leaves you now or whatever is cut from your life, will open doors to unexpected new and fresh experiences. It can be a commitment to a new lifestyle, a new person or just saying good-bye to a job that has held you back.

You are ready to take a new path or blaze a new trail where you have never been before. You can thank Saturn-in-Sagittarius for the vision and the discipline that is keeping you focused. You are going after what you want. Relationships that ‘you pour your heart into’ will get a boost of staying power as Saturn signs and seals a few deals. This month, the planets line up to present you with two bonus ‘valentine-esque’ weekends. Could be all the power bars that Cupid has been feasting on. Nevertheless, there are trails of hearts and flowers all around us as ‘The Goddess of Love’ hooks up with Mr. Mars. They are playing a game of “Lets Make this Happen.”

When Mars is in the neighborhood, you can expect action. Check out where he is in your chart and note what aspects he’s making. It will lead you to the location of the playground. And if you don’t know what house he falls into on your chart, or what house he rules, you should have a good idea after this weekend. There will be plenty of ACTION.

Mars leaves Aries on the 31st of March. Venus leaves on the March 17th

From March 12th – 29th Pluto Uranus Square is Hot. So there will be plenty of time to Rock n Roll.

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