~ Think of today as a Universal Reboot Day. On the east coast we start with a long void period. Luna is saving all of her energy for an early dinner date with Mars at 6:13 PM EST. The Goddess of Love, also know as Venus, joins Mars, her partner in crime a few hours earlier at 3:06 PM. The Lady Venus, while in Aries, is on a mission. For the next two days, the Moon also in Aries, making it a three-some fuels this ‘Dynamic Duo of Love’ into action. Together, they are the epitome of “Cupid on Steroids” and these two will be influencing all the things you love and value over the next few months. They are out to “Win Hearts” and Luna kicks off the challenge this weekend as she turns up the PDA’s  She is out to “Win the Heart” of her beloved.

If you are on the west coast, you might catch some late night stabilizing effects when the moon rallies Saturn to carry forth the ‘Archer’s Vision.’ However, on the east coast, that influence may only help to settle you down a touch for a restful and secure sleep after a day of sparklers and fire works! All in all, it is a day of exciting and affectionate fun. This stuff gets new relationships airborne quickly and don’t be surprised if you are simply walking down the street, meet someone unexpectedly and “fall in love.” Yup, this can happen in these astrological weather conditions and it’s the ‘real deal.’

With these planets in play and energized, they are creating a brand new gig. Its been and continues to be a cold, hard and long winter for many. Spring might be far from here but love is in the air and barely escapes any of us, as we head into eclipse season. Everyone is feeling expressive, affectionate and passionate. You’ll be braver and more willing to take a chance. Cupid has been ‘working out,’ so he’s up to the task and can even exceed any potential challenges.

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