~ You have got your “Ticket to Ride,” today. You move from the Past to the Future. All aboard! The Moon in Aquarius, new at 6:47 PM, goes void and then just minutes later, the Sun and Moon Embrace in Pisces with all the splendid grandeur the cosmos can muster up. What an amazing day for Star Gazers and Astrologers!  They will stand on guard watching this very, very rare magical cosmic event. Make A Wish forevermore….

Mars and Venus are ready to put on their ‘white bucks’, grab the mic and rock n roll in Aries ……and they’ll have more than a few moves up their sleeves.  Everyone will be strutting their stuff and show-boating. This can be a double-edged sword and things can get pretty convoluted. Venus who ‘loves love’ will be in Aries who loves war.  Aries who loves war, will be mixing with Venus who ‘loves love.’ The tension causes the both of them to step into un-natural territory and the results be wild and downright entertaining.

Presently, the best thing to note is that normally loving Venus can get ‘aggressive’ in pursuit of her love interest and/or her love interests can get ‘aggressive’. Energy is neither created nor destroyed. When the planets move into other signs, well you know the saying, “you can take the boy out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the boy.” The answer to integrating this energy is simple. Make sure your Aries has a healthy battle to fight and challenges to overcome. If not, he will wage war on whoever or whatever is in their field of vision (near or far) regardless of whether they are innocent or guilty. He is interested in ‘Motivated Action’ it needs an outlet, plain and simple. Make sure you provide a good one.

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