~ You are looking *into the Future* as Jupiter and Uranus come together to dance.  These two are into taking Chances, and they will push you out of complacency.  On the last day before the New Moon, you sit quietly in the dark of the moon. This is a time of private reflection: when you can let go of ‘whatever’ fears need to go. Get ready for your next phase as Carnival season draws to a close. Today, celebrate Mardi Gras. Tomorrow, Lent begins as the Sun slips into Pisces. Search your wardrobe and don your purple, green and gold. Have your ‘King Cake’ and contemplate how you can eat it too.  Let your hair down and celebrate freely in your own style.

As the Sun rises in Pisces and Lent begins tomorrow, Wednesday Feb 18, 2015, you will start to look at what you are willing to sacrifice for your beliefs. What price are you willing to pay for the things you love and cherish the most?  In Pisces, after all, nothing is too great a sacrifice for those you love. The Sun-in-Pisces, Moon-in-Aquarius and Jupiter-in-Leo join forces on the path of least resistance and its easy to lose all perspective if you allow it. Jupiter, aka God of the Gods, can and will enlarge on over-consumption and ego issues. The Sun-in-Pisces awakens ‘Your Inner Martyr’ and emotionally, the Moon-in-Aquarius, will simply rebel …and *that there* is a Fat Tuesday.

Selfless Love and Devotion. Let Jupiter’s “Optimism and Hope” take you where you dream to go. Let the super observant Aquarius Moon guide you with its innate ability to know human nature. From 6:20 to 6:50 PM, on Wednesday February 18, 2015 it is a magical time. Meditate. Make a Wish. Get ready for it ! For three minutes in time, beginning at 6:47 and ending at 6:50 PM EST, miracles are set in motion. Make sure you get off the starting line. Nothing good can happen if you stand still.

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