Monday FEBRUARY 16, 2015

~ Love continues as the Capricorn Moon makes a harmonious connection to Venus. This makes a normally business-like Monday morning a touch softer. You’ll steal a few more candy kisses as the connections flow easy. Today has a “creative art project vibe” to it.  It can manifest in different forms. For example; making your living space more pleasing, moving some furniture around, physically or mentally. You can choose to indulge in a day at the spa and envision a new lifestyle for yourself.  Perhaps a new attitude, a new look or a new hairdo will kick off the season. You are ready for change and you are poised to break free from the mainstream. Or better yet, ready to leave your old ways, thoughts and ideas behind.

A New Moon is dawning. “The Black Moon” will drift in the sky on Wednesday, February 18, 2015 at 6:48 PM EST. It is safe to say that it will be Revolutionary and Edgy; falling in the 29th degree of Aquarius. It will be ‘different”. Catch it at 6:47 PM Wednesday (EST) – it slips into Pisces just minutes later – this is rare. Be ready for it.  All New Moons are seeds for New Beginnings. Hang on to what you have, nurture it, don’t let it slip away.

Tonight, you can enjoy an ultra-productive evening with the super impressive trio of Moon, Mercury, and Saturn “in the house.” They rendezvous and ‘Inspiration’ is in the air. Liberate the brilliant expressions of your creative being. Kick back at 3:17 PM EST and you will get to bathe in the genius of innovation. Set pen to paper and capture some of these wild ideas. Tame your Inner Rebel, harness the energy and channel it properly to get maximum benefit from the current planetary inspirations. Break from the archaic chains that bind.

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