~ In the early morning, the Moon blows kisses to the Universe. You’ll want to stay tucked under the covers and enjoy another cup of coffee in bed.  Especially if you are any where in the Northeast; you get to be part of the coldest day in history.    And for Boston, and Eastern Maine what’s a few more inches of snow when the count is already over 6 feet.  For all of us, Visions of Sugar Plums dance in our heads. Cupid is still in town – with Neptune riding shotgun.

Déjà vu is the feeling.  Yes? No?  Take note. A late afternoon challenge may stimulate a change of plans and have you shuffling a new deck of cards. Friends and family can be hard to pin down or get going.  Either way, you’ll need a practical plan. An air of rebellion infringes.  Enter …. ‘Stage Left’; someone or something feels the need to be disruptive. Plans may need to change. A Projection? Or a carefully crafted event, planned to effect a desired result? Just maybe, you will need to gauge the wind and adjust your sails accordingly. Uranus is triggered and Your Inner Rebel answers the call.

Are you being pushed or prodded – OR – are you pushing or prodding? Always interesting to check  –  especially when the Capricorn moon immediately smacks into Pluto. Whew, at least you’ll have the energy to recognize the situation and turn it right around. Oh and P.S.  – this energy is really good for quitting bad habits and starting new health regimes. Courage and guts alone enable you to ‘right your ship.’ Expect a couple of Aha moments. It all could be happening ‘out there” in the news, on the global stage, in your neighborhood or at your dinner table. Or ‘in here,’ as that internal light switch goes on, and you make peace with yourself while your internal fight surrenders?

You will surely want to get rid of a few limiting, restrictive or destructive habit patterns.  The planets are aligned in your favor. Take a Giant Step. Take advantage. This weekend of Love continues, irrevocable changes are upon us. You get to write yourself in the starring role. This can be Epic – “a long poem, film or other work depicting the adventures of heroic and or legendary figures.” Let the Credits Roll. It’s a Wrap.

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