~ We start the day that “Hallmark Made” with the Moon still in Sagittarius. Your gut instinct tends to serve you well. Trust it and it will lead you to your heart’s center. The Sagittarius Moon hooks up with the Aquarius Sun in the most delightful way. What you want and what you need are on the same page. In perfect harmony. Today, your ‘internal fight’ has called a ceasefire.

Your fears and insecurities are taking a short hiatus while your hopes and dreams are taking center stage. Cooperating comes easy and naturally.  Any passive-aggressive tendencies to control are (almost) non-existent. This delightful, exquisite energy is exactly what comes bouncing back to you like a boomerang. It delivers your Valentine’s Day experience sweetly packaged and tied up in a lovely red bow. Everything seems to be coming up roses.

Enjoy the Sagittarius-Aquarius energy combo. It is a time for Fun with a capital ‘F’. You have an abundance of energy to spare. Lots of Laughs, Games, Travel and Adventures. Plan to include everyone in your non-stop celebration of love and forget about tradition.  After all, the more the merrier suits Sagittarius and Aquarius is up for anything that breaks from the mainstream.

By 5:24 PM, the Moon will settle securely into Capricorn and *you know what you have.* Emotionally, you are looking for  what is, of lasting value. Someone to Have and Hold. This Capricorn moon is not about Flowers and Candy – its about “for Better or for Worse” A Solid Commitment. Your Rock. Now that the adventure of the day is done, you can enjoy being Lois Lane to your Superman …or Superman to your Lois Lane…


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