~ After a pensive morning and some last minute obsessing over Scorpio’s heaviness from yesterday, you are ready to leave the darkness and enter into the light. The Sagittarius moon kicks in and you are making plans. You are ready to venture into unchartered waters; either physically, mentally or spiritually.  Yep, *get it and you* out of there. The vast contrast from Scorpio to Sagittarius makes everything look rosy. Everyone is looking for that glimmer of hope. The Moon is at her most optimistic in the sign of the Archer.

She makes an afternoon sextile to Mercury and aligns head with heart, so take advantage of this situation. Your thoughts are crystal clear and you know in your heart what you want.  This is a positive connection. Great for business and great for getting your point across. You are at your most persuasive when the Moon lines up harmoniously with *your* very own personal Mercury. Today’s influence gives all communications an easier flow.

Later this evening, if you have to deal with any leftover, difficult situations, you are able to do so with a cooler head space. The Moon smacks into Saturn and you can use this stabilizing influence to make some solid plans. You are feeling self-reliant and able to handle your responsibilities with relative ease. You might have to take on a task or two that you would rather not. However, fear not, you will be able to deal with it expertly and efficiently.

Sidebar: The rumblings of Pluto and Uranus can be heard. It has become part of the landscape and the customary background music these last two years.  It signals sudden shifts and changes that can leave you feeling like you are on the universe’s most thrilling roller coaster. Hold onto your Hats during the ride. But, keep in mind that the song playing on the ‘astro-jukebox’ is blaring out the words — “Know when to hold em,  Know when to fold em….”

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