~ Mercury stops and turns direct today. Yay. The Winged Messenger ends his backward dance and changes gears. Most of you have been taking a journey backwards going over and re-thinking and re-viewing a few things in your life. Once the ‘Communications Jester’ starts moving; you’ll be *seeing* thing more clearly. Mercury is in future-orientated Aquarius and thoughts are lightning quick and feel like they are materializing out of thin air.

Some of it makes sense but all of it is conceptual and incorporates ideals and philosophies. It is all there in your head and will start to fall into place over the next 3 weeks as Mercury gains speed. Until then, brace yourself for some intensity. The Moon is very emotional; bumping here and there into Uranus, Pluto, Chiron, Jupiter, Venus, the Sun and Mars. That is quite a lineup …….and the goods delivered can be anything depending on exactly where it hits your planets or lines up with your angles.  I say it is an “anything goes type of day.”  With the Moon-in-Scorpio and Mercury Direct-in-Aquarius:  hang on tightly, “It’s a Wild Ride.”

Are you ready to bring those dreams into reality? Saturn is standing nearby with an anchor in tow. If you are still feeling a little unglued, not to worry, things will gel over the next 3 weeks and the picture will be clear. All this on the heels of the Last Square of Seven from Uranus to Pluto. You are feeling the pressure mounting. The Dynamic Duo are within one degree – nearing that final point of conflict. Oh — don’t get so comfortable:  Its far from over. Once these guys  *Awaken The Need Within* the ripples will reverberate for the next years. Yep, the ‘s’ on ripple is understated because the aftershocks will be many and the changes great. Revolutionary! Many will be saying you didn’t think it would play out like this….

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