~ Well, today tells me we will need to reflect on last night or yesterday.  Anyway, in a few days, on February 11, Mercury will station and go direct. When that happens, we go forward with some new ideas. The moon changes to Scorpio in the wee hours of Monday morning at approximately 2:05 AM.

The hardest part of Scorpio energy is our natural, brightly colored world turns black and white. Good and Bad.  Right and Wrong. This moon goes Deep, Dark and loves to judge. You and everyone else will want to *dig* up dirt. If you have a garden to play in, get your hands dirty. *Pull some weeds* and harvest some potatoes, carrots or beets.  Go for the gusto: it will improve your physical health. Re-pot some house plants. Do a research paper, dig out the facts. Clean out your basement or rummage through the storage cabinet. At the very least, attack that junk drawer. The goal: Get rid of the junk that clutters the area.

The all-day ‘Void Moon’ takes some of the sting out of this Scorpio moon. Take these days to withdraw and re-think some of your life strategies.  If you come to any *aha” moments, you can put them into action once Mercury goes Direct. The moon is waning ‘all day void’ so it is a time to consolidate and conserve your energy stores. If you need to recharge your batteries, plug in and do so today.

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