8Feb 2


~ Good morning and it could very well start much earlier than you planned. Did dreams have you tossing and turning? The Libra Moon will have it’s hands full today as our dear friend *The Pluto Uranus Square* is triggered by Luna in the early evening. Luna embracing the Loving Libra energy makes connections to Neptune, Venus, and Chiron: thus stimulating *issues*. Hmmmmmm; it is best to remember that not everyone has the same agenda, well thats’s not altogether true. Actually, Its as simple as allowing someone else to choose chocolate sprinkles instead of the more popular, multi-colored ones.

Actually, most of us ARE talking about the exact same thing. Sprinkles or Jimmies? After all, they are the same thing or are they? So then, what is the difference? None, that is unless you come from New York, Boston or Philadelphia. New Yorkers call them Sprinkles while New Englanders and Philadelphians call them Jimmies. Then, there is the debate whether it is the chocolate ones that are rightfully Jimmies or are they and the multi colored ones both accurately called Jimmies? Now, do you see where this is all going? Back in Philadelphia in 1930, a guy named Jimmy created a sprinkle-making machine and there you have it. Jimmies’, A.K.A. Sprinkles, are one and the same – confection topping that adorns ice cream, making it more attractive to the consumer.

It’s all about the icing on the cake, yes, we figuratively all want sprinkles. Yep, its that little extra that we add to the top that delights us. The difference between – there’s a box of ice cream in the fridge, go help yourself versus a delightful sundae served to you with tender, loving care enhanced by just the right amount of sprinkles.

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