~ The Moon enters Libra at 1:41 PM. The next two days could have you all caught up in a ‘Balance and Harmony Game.’ Two very different sides of the same coin. Hmmmm  – – talk about a tightrope / high wire act.

There is a Disney App that the kids play on my iPhone called ‘Where’s My Water?” The main star of the App is Swamy, an Alligator that lives under the city. He loves taking long showers. However, there is trouble with the water pipes. He needs your help to ‘cut through the dirt’ to guide the water through challenging scenarios. The moral of the story is by that looking ahead and clearing the path, you can influence and direct the flow of the water. The reward for success is that ‘Swampy’ gets to take his long, enjoyable shower with plenty of clean water.

The Libra Moon looks around and ‘makes things beautiful’ by forging harmonious pathways as its energy cuts through obstacles. Libra likes to keep things flowing artfully in many pleasing ways. Trouble is; “People Pleasing” can get very sticky when there are too many People to Please.

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