~ This is a great day for counting your blessings and while you are at it, count the ones you have not yet received. The theme is a continuation from the full moon on the 3rd. You definitely can make this a day filled with abundance. Especially, with the energy of Venus, Mars, Jupiter and the Moon all channelling in the direction of sweet goodness and heart-shaped chocolate fudge truffles. Today has TGIF and Fabulous Happy Hour written all over it. Get together with friends and family; co-workers and colleagues and pump up the volume.

The Goddess of Love and Luxury has an important date with destiny today. Otherwise known as the “Life’s Coming Attraction” aspect. The North Node in Libra and the South in Aries means that you have the ever present theme of ‘your Self vs your Other’s’ to balance. Lack of tolerance doesn’t cut it anymore. Invite your Inner Diplomat, the Ambassador of Relationships to attend social functions and you will have the time of your life. Leave Your Internal Critic Home.

Yes, the Moon is in Virgo – so do pay close attention to details. Check and Double Check. Know your limits and don’t take on more than you can chew. At 4:09 PM, the Moon goes ‘Void of Course.’ It is time to kick back and relax (a great start to happy hour). However, if you are on a roll and in the productive zone, keep it going. Oh and it’s worth repeating: Leave Your Inner Critic Home.

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