~ With the Moon in Virgo as the day begins, you are definitely on top of things. You’ll have the energy to proceed with practical and efficient methods. Today is not a day to gamble. Have your ‘Game Plan’ and then stick to it and follow your heart. Don’t allow anyone to pull you off track. If need be, take a refreshing mid-afternoon break in an effort to regroup and get back into your zone.

When the Moon is in Virgo, go easy on yourself. You can’t expect everything to unfold as planned.  The Universe’s idea of perfection is very different than yours. You can choose be selective with things that are within your reach and control. Burn up some Virgo energy by “Fixing and Fussing” over things that need your nitpicking, eagle eye. Pay attention to your diet and seek a master you are happy to serve.

Today, we go back in time to around January 5th. This is one of the hot spots in this retrograde cycle. Mercury-in-Aquarius makes a sextile to Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius. What is it that you see clearly now? Yep, there is a fulcrum point. You have a driving need to find it. Things are not black or white. Strike a balance between your need for ‘freedom and independence’ versus your ability to ‘cooperate and commit.’ What are you willing to do for the things you want? Aquarius completely breaks away and brooks no interference in the process. Sextile looks for cooperation.

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