~ This can be a great day to send or receive good news. And, with the Leo moonbeams shining down, you are ready, willing, and able to take the high road. However, all that you ‘hear’ might not be so glorious. Reality or facts need to be determined, and quite frankly, can be quite another story.

The aftermath from last night’s full moon is still making ripples throughout your life, so navigating the neighborhood could require a steady hand and nerves of steel. You could feel like you are carrying on an internal war with yourself. Guilt which may be misdirected or projected onto innocent bystanders could ignite your anger. Since both of these conflicting energies occur shortly after noon, they add ammunition to the internal war you are conducting.

Being fluid today is paramount. There are many ways to move forward. Remaining  ‘status quo’ or ‘staying stuck’ is not an option today. Mars and Jupiter can keep you hopping. Today is anything but stable. The forecast is for very changeable conditions. In the first hour after midnight, the moon moves into Virgo at exactly 00:46 on Thursday morning. At that point in time, you will be able to solidify your plans.

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