~ Wisdom, Discipline and Experience are trending today; that is, if you are yielding to the Messenger of the Gods. Mercury stands in opposition to the moon and dictates the ‘Rules of Engagement.’ He is “laying down the law” just prior to the full moon. That translation reads either you know exactly how you feel, but struggle with expressing it properly OR  your feelings about a situation are so confused and muddled that you cannot even think straight. Whatever circumstances manifest as a result will embody these elements.

When you are up against this energy, the trick becomes striking a balance between the two opposing views. Ideally, allowing both to exist simultaneously is the right answer. Choosing to draw a line and having a stand off because another party thinks and feels differently is war; and in war, collateral damage mounts.

You do not have to look any further than the current newscasts to see proof positive. We live daily with the Holy Wars that maim and kill solely on the basis of ideology. People and groups refuse to live peacefully along side others who think and feel differently than they do. Conflict and hostility often exist strictly over points of view. Today’s full moon in Leo at 6:08 PM is bubbling over with theatre. The drama is spectacular and rivals any of the lights or stars on Broadway. Today has love and attraction written all over it. Cupid is showing grand style today, quiver is fully loaded and is in search of targets.

Trust your hunches as this full moon trines Uranus. Now, there’s a sky full of creative energy which will be at your disposal if you tap into the zone. Trouble is, with so much Leo,  you could easily trip over a ‘King Size Ego’ that’s hanging around. The full moon activates the Yod – aka the “Finger of God.” Take note to what this is illuminating and you will have yourself an answer to whatever needs your attention.

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