~ Some of yesterday spills over into today:  yes;  no; maybe. Well, it does, but not in the same kind of way. Today has a different feel. Uranus is involved but when he hooks up with the Sun, its more like someone throws glitter all over everything. Things Sparkle and Shine especially as you step into those ruby slippers. You are not in Kansas anymore Toto and frankly, you are loving the change. Flexibility is the key to navigating this transit and, with that, comes success.

It has been a time to go back to the drawing boards. Mercury is halfway through his Rx. Add in all those little, yet significant, ‘accessories’ that makes the outfit shout ‘You’. The Winged Messenger had you going back and taking a look at where you needed to make a few changes. Value-added. Add some glitter, some sugar-free frosting, and some natural authentic toppings which are custom-made for your life.

Going with the energy of the day gives you an advantage. The odds will be forever in your favor. Now, today has innovative, unfamiliar, new circumstance and unique written all over it. If you want to take advantage and stack the odds in your favor of something awesome happening, then you have to do something out of your routine. You have to break from your normal “tried and true” ways of being. It is only then that you get to experience the best of these two. They have a natural connection so you will need a tension aspect or two to ignite the potential.  Then, and only then, will you discover the possibilities all around you. If you keep your eyes wide open and are vigilant, you will be able to ‘cash’ in. All that glitters is not gold, but some of that bling is real, and its there for the taking. Hidden treasures can be found if you pay attention to the signs.

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