~ Well, if you are looking for a good night’s sleep  – Sorry  –  this just won’t be the day you get it. As we lead up to the Full Moon on February 3 at 6:08 PM,  the “Moon squaring Uranus and Moon in Opposition to Pluto” occupy the center-fold of the day. You are in a stressful period now as the moon waxes.  Obstacles may jump out in your path unexpectedly as if you are on ‘Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.’

This is not a time to plan, but rather a time to bring things to conclusion. Today hosts an especially long ‘Void Moon’ from 8:36 AM until tomorrow at 12:40 PM. It is a hard time to stay focused and get anything accomplished. Results are scarce.  However, commotions and uninvited disturbances are not.

Now, let’s reflect back to Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. Probably one of my least favorite rides at Disney. Nonetheless, it does perfectly describe the energy of the day. You go on a journey from one calamity to the next that induces stress and tension on all levels. Disturbing sights and sounds can catch you off-guard. These scenes pop up or you crash into them as they seemingly are coming from out of nowhere. The vehicle bounces along a track in the dark crashing into one thing after another before colliding head-on with a train. Along the way you meet all sorts of Demons and Devils and a Dragon attempts to burn you to a crisp and all before this 2 minute ride is over. You eventually escape, the ride ends, and you come out into the sunlight.

The last aspect of the day involves Venus-conjuncts-with-Neptune and Mercury Rx as they get together for a sweet alignment. Pay attention to psychic vibes. Trust Your Gut. You are mentally and spiritually connected with both the past and the future. Channel your innate ability to summon up all the years of knowledge and experience you have stored in your subconscious mind. Tap into the collective consciousness of universal infinite wisdom.

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