~ Sorting it all out and getting things clear is the order of the day.  Well, actually, its been the theme of Mercury’s first Rx of 2015. We are all trying to figure out and understand what we both need and don’t need in our lives. Clarity – – if you have been getting your Mercury Rx on, you have been reflecting backwards while moving forward. With all the changes that the Pluto and Uranus Square are bringing; re-thinking and making revisions to your life plans are most definitely in order.

Now that the Moon is in Cancer today, its time to venture out on a sentimental journey. Clean out the basement of your life. The place where you have stashed all your old junk. Keep the treasures of your heart that are meaningful to you. Discard the rest. No need hanging onto anything that isn’t beautiful or does not bring a smile to your face. Embrace the quiet, calm and comfort of your nest. Home signifies the time and space where the folks love you. Its that sanctuary where you feel most at peace. This is where you can restore and replenish your sense of self. Look around carefully today. Your soul is yearning for that setting where your heart can feel the warm arms of safety and stability hugging it.

Yesterday was a tough day. Today you seek refuge; you need brick walls to provide you with safety and shelter. It is a day for peace: your own personal, custom-designed brand of comfort. Completely unique, and made especially for you, with a Venus-in -Pisces down-feather pillow within arm’s reach. You’re drifting on your own magical cloud – Let Calgon Take You Away….

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