~ A few cosmic events are written across the sky today. Mercury makes his inferior conjunction with the Sun at 8:45 AM EST. Mercury is in the Heart of the Sun. Its a special time of clarity and perception. It’s when you have great strength and protection. Having said that – today is a challenging day and you’ll need that protection. Obstacles, roadblocks, delays, communication issues, traffic jams – you name it!!! If it CAN get in the way, or throw a monkey wrench in the works; its likely occur today. Build in extra time and pack some extra patience into your lunch bag.

Projects that you have been working on, or ones you thought were complete, may need revision or overhauling. If you thought you were finished; Think Again. The critics are out in full force so hopefully you are wearing your teflon under-armor. Tough skin will be a necessity.  If you are the one pointing fingers, remember,  that when you are pointing at the flaws and shortcomings of someone else – 4 digits are pointing right back at yourself.

Tossing and turning, or disturbed dreams can cause you to wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Some of you will give in and decide that fighting off insomnia is a waste of energy. Instead, you can just get up early and channel it into a more deserving task.  The Moon and Jupiter push that over the top or smooth things over just in time. Mars-in-Pisces aspecting Pluto-in-Capricorn is one of the today’s bolder headlines. This duo is fueling your ‘Get Up and Go.’ You will be determined. Like a laser, these two are a “force to be reckoned with.” If you need power to focus, or concentrate, these are the guys you can depend on.  If you have a tough job to do, schedule it today. These guys can help you get things done.

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