~  Well, well, well, the Gemini Moon is exceptional and charming today as she dances with the Sun-in-Aquarius and Mercury-in-Aquarius. At least: that is how she starts out. If you want to take advantage, grab it early in the day and this can generate enough solar energy to fuel quite few different mercurial things. Thus, adding a sparkling and refreshing change to your day. Mercury is how you think and act. When he hooks up with the Sun, your self-expression is brilliant. Walls can come down. You are inspired by words, thoughts and all those other options where words come together to give a voice.

You are ready for some new adventures, so stepping outside your well-defined box is not a problem today. Take your sun-drenched Mercury and his tools with you.  Your lightning-quick mind searches out and finds solutions that you are seeking in order to solve some problems that have been chronic. This wonderful, magical, sparkling connection can bring a few surprises so    –    “Be Delighted.”

By dinnertime, the Gemini Moon challenges Mars-in-Pisces and Holy Crap  – its flying off the handle, off the cuff and off the charts. This is the “jumping to conclusion”aspect or it can give you the right ‘kick in the pants’ you need to get something in the works. The power play, that is in the arena at this present moment, involves emotional manipulation. Will you choose to be “The Manipulator” or “The Manipulated? Just remember that whenever you give your power away    –   “Ouch;” it comes back to bite you in the pants.


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