~ The Moon enters the very receptive and chatty Gemini at 5:36 PM, so you get to enjoy a long Void most of the day while the Moon is still lingering in Taurus. Highlighted are self-indulgences, especially in the pursuit of justice. Cut your losses. Let go of what is not working for you. There are plenty of things that are working and that is where you should focus your time and effort.

Say “No-No-No’ to Retail Therapy. The comfort is short-lived but the pain of paying the bills lingers on for much longer. Invest in those things which have lasting value. The tried and true. Forget the flippant, “here today gone tomorrow” stuff. Grab your anchors. You know who, what and where they are, and “hold on to your rock” stabilize. Taurus instinctively knows who and what has value.

When Luna enters Gemini, you’ll be ready to handle the practical matters with cooperation and compromise. Rewards are hard to come by, but nonetheless, put in the hard work. Somewhat later in the evening, spilling into the overnight, you’re likely to be feeling blocked. At the very least, you will feel a lot less spontaneous.  Sleeping could prove disturbed. We are in the middle of a Mercury Rx and when Saturn is aspected expect a double dose of roadblock energy to be in the neighborhood. Frustration can take hold.  Early morn on Thursday; detours may push you off your planned route.

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