Every Action of your life Touches on some Chord that will vibrate in Eternity


~ Check-in, Catch up, and Connect with those in your life that make up the most essential concentric circles of your personal network. This is always prominent on the To-Do List when Mercury is sifting through what *has already been.* Lovers re-ignite the flame, friends re-connect long lost friendships and business colleagues enjoy reminiscing. Now, if something is in your past; chances are there is a reason it is situated there. However, its just as valid to recognize that there is a reason they are in your thoughts today. It is resurrected here to remind you of something. So … does matter “What” you are looking for. Mercury, on the other hand, sets the agenda. He is urging you to connect the dots. If he is presenting you with a person, place or thing: it is imperative that you “check it out. ” You Must Pay Attention.

Your memory evokes patterns of long-lost or current behavior that is up for review and revision. You are being summoned to look at this with new eyes; wiser eyes. IS there something here you can apply to your current situation? Are you being presented with a second chance? Is the Universe setting the table for a valuable life  Do Over?  On Monday, just before noon on the east coast, the Taurus Moon saunters onto the scene offering a peaceful start to the new week. You are looking for safety and security, but that dear Taurus cannot be purchased retail or wholesale. Find a solid piece of emotional real estate and anchor your feelings   ………….that is; if you want to bring down-to-earth those lofty dreams you hold in your celestial vision.

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