~ Oh, its always a fun day when a Uranus-Pluto Square is triggered. And ……….. I suspect that I will be proven correct just before dawn (at 5:27 AM) when the Moon in Fiery-Aries meets Uranus in that very same ‘action-oriented’ sign. However, even though the aspect is short-lived: if that Aries Moon gets on a roll, the energy could last all day. Be advised that you could find yourself caught in some frustrating action due to the Winged Messenger’s determination to Take Us Back.

So please do heed his warning if he has you spinning your wheels.  Look around and ‘see’ what it is you might have missed. Mercury wants you to re-think and re-view. However, he has his own ideas about ‘when’ you should implement all these new revisions. “Trial and Error” is the name of his game. Try a few different approaches; evaluate; recalibrate ……….then move on.Today puts a spotlight on ‘relationships’ ——– uh oh – yes again. Look at what needs revision in your own committed partnerships! You would think that we would have all of these re-vamped by now ………. but alas ….. no ….. we do procrastinate in addressing key relationship issues in our lives. We all consciously or unconsciously love to resist change. Those of you in the fixed signs; Leo, Scorpio, Taurus or Aquarius hold on especially tight with a death grip.

Some unstable currents are aloft. Watch out for tornado-like ‘touch downs’ as the wild card Uranus makes his presence known. You’ll find yourself ‘startled. The Moon hooks up with Pluto and some of you may be trying to revive a dead horse with mouth-to-mouth life saving negotiations. Strong arm techniques are sure to backfire. Ease up and let it go.

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