~ Rise and Shine …… the Moon enters the outgoing, adventurous sign of Aries, then trines Saturn. This harmonious aspect softens the harshness of typical Saturn. You can get a lot work done today but by no means will it be a stroll in the park. Its a “taking care of business” type day that will leave you feeling productive. When the Moon is in Aries, you are off and running as the RPMs of your life are amplified. Are you feeling competitive? Looking for a sparring partner? You’d best find one at the gym instead of in the home environment. You’ll want to ‘Blaze a Path’ to wherever you need to go.

Emotional impulsiveness could mark the next two days.  So you might find yourself dodging a few bullets, or maybe, you are shooting them. Mars is the Red planet.  He is all about Action, Assertion, Anger and Attitude …….oh and don’t forget, he is always looking out for Number 1. Even the meekest among us can feel the power surge when the moon leaves passive Pisces and enters into Aggressive Aries territory.  If you need to start a few projects, now is a good time go for it.

Later in the afternoon, the Moon sends a kiss to the Sun and you’ll have the perfect fertile ground. It will feel like the universe ‘has your back’ and is cooperating with you. Now, everyone enjoys a little help from the heavens. Things seem to flow better with stress levels being minimized. It is a wonderful time to simply ‘go with the flow.’ The Sun and Moon in harmony creates a peaceful internal balance.

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