~ Today is the day you should sit down and listen to yourself, your “Inner Wise Sage.” The long 24 hour plus moon void sets the stage. Choose your vehicle. Meditate or ‘Chill Out’. Let your thoughts and feelings flow freely. The Moon and Mars are both in Pisces which adds ephemeral support. Make a mental checklist – Mercury is Retrograde; Reboot your operating system and Re-load the last few weeks. What are you missing? Some things need to be Re-configured.

Wherever Mercury is in your chart and Wherever he is triggering action, identifies exactly where your attention needs serious commitment and focus. Mercury Retrograde is here to remind you that there are some things that are better off not left to chance. Turn off your auto pilot and consciously travel over this terrain. It is important to note that the moon makes an early morning sextile to Pluto signaling that its a time for emotional changes.

Nice and Easy does it. Carry a truckload full of patience for the next few days. (Pssst… its always a good idea when the Winged Messenger has his shoes on backwards to pack an extra dose of patience.) Big changes and/or breakthroughs await, especially if you are looking for solutions to ongoing, chronic conditions in your life. Now is the time to make your move. You’ll have time to tweak and make adjustments while Mercury is open to re-negoitiations. These changes are waiting in the wings now and beginning on Sunday the 25th, they can start to unfold.

Be open to creative solutions and be willing to do things differently. Mercury is going back over things and some things may have fallen through the cracks. If it didn’t work before, its not going to work now ………….. so change it up. Count yourself lucky to have this time to re-group and re- boot. Dust off your dictionary and turn to the section that starts with *re*.  Oh ………….. and do feel free to add whatever action word you choose after the re (fill in the blanks). Think of Mercury Rx as “Wow, I get a chance to re__________ “

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