~ The alarm rings and the moon slips into Pisces for this first full day with “Mercury in Rx.” You will feel like silky sands sifting through an hourglass for a few days while the Moon is in Pisces. Your emotions are in a super sensitive state-of-being. Like a sponge, you are absorbing the thoughts and feelings of those around you. You’ll want to pull the covers back over your head and withdraw from the realities of the day.

Get yourself to a safe haven as soon as possible. Your imagination is at its peak; very fertile with vivid imagery. It is a wonderfully big, dreamy day. You will definitely have some trouble making decisions. It is utterly futile to try and make plans that will stick. Save important decisions for another day. You can just forget about nailing anything down. Light a candle; put on some music or grab your yoga mat.

You might run into a few brick walls by mid-day when the moon has a spat with Saturn. You may be blocked or feel unsupported. Remember that it is Mercury Rx so carefully look for what you might be missing. By dinnertime, you might be declaring a deja-vu moment…. or a ‘here we go again’ scenario. If you are expecting a quiet, uneventful evening ……… simply ignore that thought. The Aquarius-Pisces Moon slides into Uranus-in-Aries and ……….:. you can certainly expect a dramatic change of pace: to say the very least. It is Uranus and that guy just loves to shake things up.

Tomorrow, the Sun makes an exact Sextile to Saturn and will offer you a better day for making things happen. Have your to-do list prepared and a well-established plan of action for yourself. You should be able to make progress in ‘unselfish affairs’. Make sure that your head finds your pillow early so you get a good night’s sleep.

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