~ Well, I am looking to shake the hand of the guy or gal who can keep all their ducks in a row during a Mercury Rx. Hardly a person on the planet is untouched by the Winged Messenger’s antics when he decides to take his ‘ahem’ ……..”scheduled tour backwards.”  Hermes known as the ‘Messenger of the Gods’, traveled from place to place as the promoter of social interaction. He was touted for being a peacekeeper and a treaty maintainer who protected travelers.

Today begins the 3 week phase where you get the opportunity to re-invent the way you inject yourself into your immediate environment. Like Hermes, you get to travel back over a few hotspots and re-consider your options. You get a few do-overs. Trace your steps back to Jan 4th. Hermes stops you dead in your tracks. He slows you down, presents you with detours and ‘makes you late’. He sends you mixed messages and makes you miss important meetings or appointments.  Why ? He’s trying to tell you that you need to make adjustments in your daily routine to ensure the ongoing safe and efficient running of your auto-pilot and internal GPS system. Case Closed!! Stop and Listen Up!!

To navigate a Mercury Rx with ease, build in plenty of travel time. Anticipate and expect delays. Keep your schedule loose. Slow down, go over and review all communications with close scrutiny prior to sending. It is ALL important. Read the small print, cross your T’s and dot your I’s. Review and rethink your recent plans. Travel plans could have you turning back. Edit your daily habits and routine. Get rid of the ones that cause you stress. Incorporate ‘New’ ways that are more efficient and productive.

The Moon hooks up with Mercury and you can easily put your feelings into words today. ‘Moon in  opposition to Jupiter’ could give you a few up and down moments. Mood swings can push you out of bounds by mid-afternoon. Slow down, Look for stable footing and gain your composure. The atmosphere generate turbulence, so put your tray table in its upright and locked position then fasten your seat belts.

The evening has the glow of candlelight. It creates a charming and enchanting atmosphere when the moon conjuncts with Venus. Great loving connections and warm friendships can be a source of enjoyment at the end of this day.


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