~ Welcome to Sun-in-Aquarius. It is time,during the next month, to join the collective (the group consciousness) and merge with like-minded folks.  Reconnect with those social issues which you hold near and dear to your heart. On all levels, gather with the Ones that Support Your Cause. The Sun-in-Capricorn is fairly anti-social, but now that he’s in Aquarius, you are ready to make new friends, new contacts and share your ‘out of the box’ ideas.

Shortly after you open your front door to this Sun, he meets with the Moon-in-Aquarius  at *zero* degree (a critical degree) to make ‘New’.  It is primetime to plant seeds for the future. What is Possible versus what is Reality ? Now that the days are getting longer and brighter and the moon is increasing in light —– the theme of Aquarian energy rules the earth.  “We are the World” was written in seven weeks by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie. It was first recorded  by a group of over 40 *stars* over a seven day period from Jan 21st – Jan 28, 1985. It epitomizes the power, intent and energy of Aquarius.

“We ARE the ones who make a brighter day.”  In what seemed like a nano second after its release, sales skyrocketed. The power of many. This very talented group of musicians came together to donate their time, talent and effort for the greater good of humanity. The results were a *magical* single that produced 20 million dollars in sales worldwide for charity.

If you want to ‘Make It’ during Aquarian times – join forces with your tribe. Tuck your ego in your back pocket. Channel your ‘best inner team player’ and put your best foot forward for the benefit of all. With the Moon-in-Aquarius nicely aspecting Saturn-in-Sagittarius today, you can take advantage of clear thinking. You are able to create some concrete plans and make real progress towards your goals while teaming up with people who have the same values and beliefs systems.

Happy New Moon!


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