~ We have a couple of major cosmic events on the horizon. First, the Sun will enter the sign of Aquarius tomorrow in the darkest hours just before dawn: at 4:43 AM on the east coast. Next, the Sun then meets up with the Moon and joins him at zero degrees. This makes today one of ‘those’ days when we are urged to take a fearless plunge into some of our deepest feelings.

Restless tossing and turning can have you awake much earlier than usual as the Moon and Uranus fight it out. Unsettled feelings can make it difficult for you to get a good nights sleep. Disturbing news or portent information delivered this morning; compliments of the Moon and Pluto conjunction, can not only cause you to change your plans but can have a lasting effect.  You’ll be left with a feeling that you have no choice. Throw this altogether with ‘Venus and Jupiter in opposition’ and it screams for a *need to balance.*

Too much, too little, just enough. Indulgence, generosity and resisting the urge to go overboard can cause you a shake-up right out of the gate this morning. Try to steady yourself as you swing back ‘n forth. This is the “too much of a good thing” aspect. You can plain over-do everything and have a “sorry hangover” for it in the morning. If you can step back and combine the energy of these two heavenly bodies, you may gain a different perspective of just ‘how lucky you really are.’

In Aquarius, The Golden Rule which states that ‘We should treat others just as we would like to be treated ourselves’ continues to be a lesson the heavens are preaching. Reciprocal, Two Way Street, Give ‘n Take and Equality all seem as lost arts collectively as well as on a personal level. The Sun-in-Aquarius will step up and re-enforce a group mindset for the next month.

Being ‘part’ of your tribe and embodying the ultimate team player is how abundance will flow for you while the Sun is in Aquarius. Join forces with your family, your network, your peers and you can reap the rewards of the water bearer. Collective efforts for the good.




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