~ The Moon trines Uranus and just after midnight, things start to flow more smoothly. The creative juices open up new channels; especially if you can let it gush in the direction of its choice. Harnessing this raw power can backfire so do not even think about trying to hold it back. By “dawn’s early light,” emotionally – – you have your act together. Your thoughts, ideas and mental functions are generating emotionally satisfying thoughts.

You feel comfortable with your partners in crime and they are easy to identity.  They are the people who are patting you on your back and lifting you up. You will find yourself root, root, rooting for the home team. Rah Rah!! You get to enjoy a welcoming atmosphere with plenty of friendly chatter. You are seeing everyone and everything in a good light.  Their best side and yours are both shining brightly. You see the Silver Lining around every cloud. This is typical of ‘Jupiter’s Luck’ and optimistic thinking. Like attracts like. People and circumstances are reflected back on you.

The Moon-in-Sagittarius loves action and adventure.  The “More the Merrier.” You are searching for knowledge and adventure. You’ll seek foreign territory, distant shores & launch lofty plans. You will be attached to your beliefs and stand by them with conviction. You are ready to travel physically, mentally or spiritually where “no one man has gone before.” In matters of emotion, the Archer is a straight shooter: she hasn’t got the time nor the patience for anything less than the truth.

You know where you are going. Your sights are set. You are fully equipped with faith, hope and pixie dust in your pockets.  You are most certainly wearing your rose-colored glasses.  You are primed for *All New Stuff.” And – – Oh Yeah – – do not forget your four-leaf clover & lucky lady bug.


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