~ Things lighten up a bit today with the Moon makes her ingress into Sagittarius. Have yourself a good laugh and then embark upon your new adventures. Open up your mind and allow your thoughts free reign of the cranial neighborhood. However, be prepared to exercise some Sagittarius wisdom and proceed with caution. Saturn is around and paying close attention so avoid any temptation to take shortcuts.

The Moon entertains some challengers right off the bat. The emotional waters are leaning on the cool side. Now, that is something the archer just doesn’t understand; the cold shoulder, What? What’s the point? But when Saturn casts its reserved and cautious manner, it dampens the spirit and reduces your horsepower. So be sure to dip your toe in those emotional waters before you dive in head first. Someone just might be taking themselves a little too seriously. If it happens to be you: lighten up. If it’s not,  oh well  – – life is an adventure so have yourself a good laugh.

The moon could be ready to blow with the elusive and confusing effects of Mars and Neptune having it out.. This late afternoon energy has the signature of mis-communications written all over it.  (ahem — it does not matter whether done unintentionally or on purpose).   Happy Hour can get pretty tangled with this emotionally loaded cocktail being served. Sometimes, it  is very difficult to figure stuff out when Neptune is involved. The fog is as thick as pea soup and quite honestly —— reality and the truth escapes even the most shrewd amongst us. Hidden agendas persist. Enjoy your buzz. Carve out your own little piece of heaven and enjoy it.


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