~ “High Drama with Sex Appeal;” does it sell or is this stuff old? The Moon and Jupiter love to expand on all emotional issues. Therefore, do not get caught engaging in over-confidence and over-enthusiasm or anything else “over the top.”

Now, if you are feeling good, be careful or you just might get carried away and go over-the-top. If you are feeling bad, you can find yourself trying to lift yourself off the bottom.  However, one way or another, you will have the tendency to go overboard, and that is where the drama can enter stage left. Oh – – and this can be you, or you might be dealing with others who are auditioning for a ‘Hollywood Oscar.’

Indulgent behavior, self righteousness and a few haughty egos could cause you aggravation. Fortunately, the mood passes quickly but not fast enough to prevent you from getting your ‘knickers in a twist.’  Ahhh – – we have all been there, so let it go and move on.  Don’t fret, we all get carried away occasionally. One mediocre routine reality check will right your world and put you back on your path.  Work hard, but do have a little bit of fun.


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