~ Something has you popping.  All indications are that it is a wellspring of thought, ideas and creative inspiration that has you energized. Offsprings of the Mind in the Making. Put anything requiring originality on the top of your to-do list. It could even be just ‘something new’ that you decide to learn.

This is a Big Day in the Heavens! Oh and yes, yours truly, “Mr. Pluto-Uranus Square is the Centerfold. He poses with Karma and the rest of the “relating” players. Yep, the players are out in full force and they are playing for keeps. Lots of action: new beginnings, new endings as well as new foundations being built. You know it. You feel it.

And – –  its only the tip of the iceberg. Do step back and take a closer look: it’s always good practice. Something is just not sitting right with you. So center yourself. What are you hearing? What are you saying? Listen carefully. What are you feeling? Re-evaluate.

Mars and Saturn hook up and after a few stumbling blocks, you might be able to grab hold of those electrifying ideas and plant some of them in fertile soil. Watch out for those energy drainers that steal away your precious mojo.  Spend your energy savings on worthwhile tasks which can have lasting value.  If you hit a brick wall – – move on quickly.

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