~ Today, we suffer the aftermath of *yesterdays said and unsaid words* as  you hold your tongue and breath for more aftershocks. Change, even the good kind, is more often than not met with a fraught silence.

Today, it is Venus that brings her unpredictability; her penchant for, perhaps the less than savory side of your guilty pleasures. You, the different you, the one you keep to yourself and only bring out when you are safe, is seeking something very different. Venus-in-Aquarius is different enough; today she adds more eccentric flair when she hooks up with fiery Uranus-in-Aries. Now, It could be an off the charts social occasion you are attending or the unusual and provocative conversations you are having. It will be lively.

Are you letting something from your past interfere in your present? Your creative impulse is ‘On High,’ if you have been flirting with a different medium to express yourself then this is the day to test-drive it. Try something altogether different – you will be surprised what lies around *that* corner when you flex you creative muscles.

The Moon enters Scorpio at 6:44 PM, EST and adds some hot sauce, depth and passion to the object of your love attraction. You are entering the last quarter of the lunar phase – here you take the plunge even further in the emotional, watery elements of life. Time to sort out just “what is working and what is not” in preparation for the new moon which arrives in 7 days. This is a typically retiring time that has the added seclusion of Mars-in-Pisces.

The asteroid Juno, ‘the wife of Jupiter’ throws a kiss to the Nodes and just like that, the relationships issues of the Goddess are incorporated into your day. She is asking you to get your act together, and take a close look at the whole picture. This is a good time to examine exactly “what it is that you want in a relationship, what’s working and what has to change.”

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