~ Waking up to the pleasant airs of the sociably agreeable Libra Moon as she dances with that fun outgoing Mercury-in-Aquarius. This atmosphere could lure you into a false sense of ease, especially in your communications. That is; until today dredges up some differences of opinions that get your goat. For the next 6 weeks, adding to the mix;  sensitivity builds a prison as Mars enters Pisces,  and adding to the mix, today the Goddess of Emoting sends a message to our dear old friend “the Pluto-Uranus-Square” so something is likely to shake you out of your current ‘Nice N Cushy’ routine. Keep your schedule open – wide open if you can. These change of plans can throw you off your game, or you can greet them with a warm welcome, your choice.  A good time or a not so good time can take you off your nicely planned schedule unless you have factored in the ’emotional hijacking’ in advance. This is a slippery slope and the pit is bottomless. if you can walk away’ simply – do so. If not – – state your opinion and quickly move away or change the topic.

With Mars in Pisces for the next six weeks, walking away could be an easier, smarter  decision and work in your favor.  However, you’ll be left dealing with the intense, unexpressed anger. “Not taking a stand” can lead to avoidance. Playing Ostrich, sticking your head in the sand and not dealing with issues has its own serious pitfalls. Mars-in-Pisces is gentle, loving and compassionate. Nonetheless, he’s not so good at taking appropriate action. He keeps his anger in and the load can become very cumbersome. Be careful  – dormant volcanos can erupt. Watch out for impromptu pity parties; your “Inner Martyr” is looking for a voice. Don’t listen to that voice.

It is okay if you are feeling slow or sluggish physically, while Mars is in Pisces. Mars is withdrawing and often needs to turn down the output of physical activity. Pushing yourself for gains at this time is counter-productive. Meditation, gentle stretching and Yoga work best. Mars-in-Pisces loves to protect the innocent and the downtrodden. He loves Holy Wars and easily finds a Battle Cry. Mars-in-Pisces is at his best when he is the peaceful, spiritual warrior.


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