~ Relationships and the sweet connections of Love are the Order of the Day. The Moon enters Libra so reserve some time for your favorite brand of luxury. Comfort is a key element in defining luxury. This is the perfect atmosphere, when the moon makes it’s connection to Saturn. Yep, You take charge and lay the groundwork for some needed ‘Relating Infrastructure’. The rock upon which your relationships are anchored is the theme. You have both the energy and time now. You can definitely make progress establishing or maintaining a supportive environment.  Your support system, in general, is an overall theme today.

Neptune’s rosy influence moves into town. She is offering imaginative solutions, comforting tales and all around luxurious situations. Put some music on; drift off into daydream land. Venus and Mercury are getting along splendidly and are on the same page. Communications flow freely and inspiration is high. If you do run into stressors today, you can probably point your accusing finger right back at your very own ego. Finding balance and moderation can present a few challenges. You will be inclined to over-do, over-indulge or go over-board on some thoughts or actions.

Keep one foot on your mental brakes to remind yourself to have some restraint. With the Sun and Jupiter in aspect, they are calling for an adjustment in attitude or a modification in behavior. Are your belief systems in order? So watch where you want to go over-board and ask why? Is it truly necessary? Perhaps, this is where you might ask yourself “Is less more”? Or “Is more less?

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