10 January


~ Internal Harmony is the name of the game when the Moon and the Sun engage in a trine aspect. This is exactly what we have today. The absence of conflict between these two heavenly bodies makes life easier. That is …….. once you shake off the testosterone-induced fight that Cranky Mars and Tough Guy Pluto want to get going. Do not engage. Let it go. Once that is under control, you can get Mercury on board (how you think and communicate those thoughts) and you’ll hit the trifecta.

Today, the Virgo moon supports and encourages the ambitious, hard working Capricorn Sun. So continue with those things on your * I want to do list* and your * I have to do list.* Make no mistake about it ……….. yes, the *have to do* list IS the *want to do list* in disguise. Pause and Think about That.

Anyway, you’re on a roll. You’re looking for ways to improve the flow of your Everyday Auto-Pilot…Those routine daily habit of your life. Strive to keep mind, body and spirit in perfect working order. Maybe you need to change some things up in order to incorporate new health and diet regimes. The goal – a 2015 upgrade, 2.0 version of You: enhancements to facilitate becoming more efficient and productive on all levels.

Look at the things you *have to do.* How are they working out for you? Can you change up the order? Or streamline the routine? Maybe you need to change your strategy or reconsider how you are approaching something…… Get your work done early in the morning today because the VOC moon moves in and slows you down as the day moves on. Chiron gives Luna a hard time, so it can overwhelm and all get the better of you.

Hurt or other deep emotions might come seeping through and it can be tough to shake off. You might feel that you just can’t do enough – or get enough done. Somehow, satisfaction is just out of reach and you feel ‘beside yourself.’ Carry on and use the late afternoon for some healthy exercising, deep breathing or meditation.

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