~ You’re gonna need an extra shot of caffeine this morning to get your head ‘clear.’ The Goddess of ‘Emoting and Feelings’ is having a very difficult time this morning reconciling all the differences. She is trying to connect the dots but is finding it hard to believe.

Too many Adjustments are required and frankly she’d much rather go back to bed, pull the covers over her head and forget Reality altogether. Daily routine is the last thing that this Neptune-drenched heavenly body wants to confront, let alone be part of….

Dealing with disappointment, confusion and deception creates less than ideal conditions when we attempt to stabilize our day. Try to channel this illusionary “sleight of hand” energy into imaginative and creative pursuits. Yep, hummmmm. It will be hard to carry on with serious business activities or get much work accomplished when you are not sure which way is up. You simply don’t want to.

The Virgo Moon can really help or really hinder. Virgo needs to have all of her t’s crossed and i’s dotted or she will get pretty angry at herself. So, if you are going to read between the lines, that’s fine, just be sure to read the line itself too. The task here is to figure out what it is that you really feel and how you can best express it. The operative word is ‘feel’…..and Virgo is a thinker, she’s an over-thinker at that.

All the confusion comes from not clearly expressing ‘the what’ that you want, in a way that it gets heard and understood. Look at your outbursts,  its ‘Your Uranus’  that has the message. A clue might be to look no further than what is being reflected back to you.

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