~ The glowing light between Mercury and Venus continues…. the creative energy produces Beautiful Words of Love which are still working their magic. The ‘Goddess of Love and Luxury’ is still in the mode of communicating her feelings through words in all forms.  She puts her thoughts and ideas of love into words when she meets up with the Winged Messenger. A few of you, who are ever so talented, will put some musical notes behind those words and come up with some really sweet melodies.  Poetry, Prose, Song or even a heartfelt text message can capture your love in ‘consonants and vowels’. This is symbolic of what this transit is all about.

Jupiter adds enthusiasm and luck to the equation. You should get along with most everyone for the better part of the day. As the influence of Virgo ‘takes over the moon,’ you’ll want to make certain you leave your ‘Inner Judge, Jury N  Executioner’ in Pandora’s Box. The Moon moves into Virgo at 5:58 PM and your internal critic speaks up and delivers to you …….. your very own ‘to do list.’

You will be wanting to fix, organize and put everything in its proper place. Everything & Everybody that is: including yourself. Uh Oh!!! ……… making appointments and setting schedules.  Start new diets or health and fitness regimes. You will be your own personal ‘Efficiency Expert.’ Its a great time for introducing new work methodologies. However, go easy on yourself —–  ‘Perfection’ is not possible but Your Virgo will relentlessly try to go for it.

The Moon squares Saturn and today, instead of throwing around wet blankets, he can actually be helpful. Perhaps you have received that Visa Bill and realize just what all that nicely packaged Holiday Spirit cost.

Saturn’s job is to teach you moderation, what hard work nets and putting your efforts into practical and useful endeavors. Oh …….. and don’t play the blame game with this taskmaster, he’ll have none of that. He demands accountability. You must accept responsibility and he will reward you for your ability to build a solid foundation. Buckle down and take a look at whatever ‘reality’ Saturn shows you  – answer his call and pay attention to it!

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