~ Magnificent, Magnetic and Magical. You’re feeling good today: better than good.  You are inclined to be sociable, charming and maybe even a little bit coy. Today is the kind of day that if you take a chance, you may be pleasantly surprised at what you can make happen. Not ready to tackle the hard stuff or delve into too much reality; you’d rather keep things light-hearted with a touch of humor and/or fantasy. So don’t be afraid to take a playful risk or two.

Words are “Super-Charged” today. You’ll want to leverage the power of your words.  If you have some heartfelt sentiment which you’ve been wanting to express – – deliver that communication today laced with emotions …………. and it will be a hit.  Some of you may even knock it out of the ballpark.

Either way, the language that the Lady of Love speaks will captivate. *Kind, sweet words from Venus* will certainly be well received. Dish them Out. Alternatively, you could hear some interesting news that puts a smile on your face. This aspect brings *Words That Feel Good.* Enjoy.

Uranus is in the game and “unexpected” is his favorite activity. He loves to deliver his electric energy in megawatts when you least expect it. New and Unusual. Oh …… the way …… the ‘crazy love’ this aspect reveals is all you. It comes from within, not from “out there somewhere.” Yep ———- that is the “You …….insisting on being You” having a voice.

Chiron-in-Pisces triggers a hotspot and you get a preview of things to come. *The past meets the future in the present moment.* A harbinger of things to come; a reward for past good deeds. Karma pays you a visit and you get to take some chips off the table and cash in. In the deep freeze of the Northeast; this month tells a tale while Jack Frost  decorates the landscape. “Fate is the sweet icing on the cake.”

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