Tuesday January 6, 2015

~ By the time the alarm goes off this Tuesday morning, the Moon will either be in the wings or will have already taken the spotlight at center stage. Luna struts into the sign of Leo at 6:30 AM and that spells drama with a capital D.

Know it or Not, you’re looking for it, craving it and so is everyone else. You’ll be proud, and have a flair for the dramatic over the next two days. You will get the spotlight or the chance to compete for it. If you are wondering ‘why’ or find you are uncharacteristically looking for attention, it’s an “unconscious desire” that needs fulfilling. Embrace it. Enjoy it. Don’t fight your ‘inner diva.’ She lurks inside all of us.

In the pure reflected light of Leo, everything is fun and games. The Moon and Sun both meet with Saturn; the Moon gets two thumbs-up from Saturn. Yeah ……… you now have some common sense and logic fueling your drama and emotions.

But not so fast ………the Sun in Capricorn has something else to say as he makes a wee, semi-square to Saturn in Sagittarius. (Pssst …At least these two are forgiving and mutable.) They do get into a spat and it can leave you feeling blocked.

Saturn loooooves to throw around wet blankets wherever he can. Sometimes, that wet blanket is nothing more that the cold harsh reality you like to avoid. Other oppositions from Mercury and Venus shout out checkmate to your Emoting.

And there you go, doubting yourself and second guessing everything from soup to nuts. “Worrying ……….”  Really ………………….What Value does it hold?  What is it’s Purpose?

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