~ On the Dark Side of the Moon, we scramble for a flicker of light.  Did you find one? You are upset because you knew it or you’re mad because you didn’t? Balancing the polarity of the [Capricorn and Cancer-Axis] with the [Sun, Pluto and Uranus] becomes a battle. In the clearing stands a boxer; and a  fighter by his trade. And he carries the reminders of every glove that was laid him down or cut him …….

There are many congruent points like a thousand angles pointing to a different truth. Reach out and define your support system. They are those who will help you cross the finish line or are there right to the bitter end to cheer you on.

The day gets brighter but first you have to ride out the mood swings brought on by the highly sensitive ‘Cancer Full Moon.’ Mercury is busy setting his agenda in order. The Winged Messenger gets it on with Saturn and you can find yourself laying some solid groundwork.

You’ll go forward for seventeen more days but then he’ll turn and come right back here to this same time and space. Dust off your journals and record this day as well as the next seventeen. You will want to review the thoughts, words and communications that take place. Ideas and concepts, work methodologies, efficient handling of both facts and fiction are all due for re-writes. Put your bookmark in this page.

The Sun squares the nodes and the past and future meet.  The Moon makes a quincunx to Mars reaching out for you to answer the call. You will have to make a few quick adjustments today reacting with the sense of urgency of a first responder. You’ll thank your instincts and impeccable sense of timing for not failing you. Ironically, you will appear as “Cool as a Cucumber” while being turbo-fueled by astrological “Passion and Fire.”

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