~ With a Full Moon on the Rise and Mercury getting ready for his first Rx of twenty fifteen, its a jam-packed Sunday. The Winged Messenger will be spending his sojourn in Aquarius on this trip. So, on top of all the crazy deviations from the norm, avant-garde, eccentric and pure genius Aquarian things he’ll be doing  his thinking and communicating inspired via the antics of the Icy Blue Planet. He will have you thinking all about humanitarian efforts and treating others fair ‘n square

He stations only on the 21st January but begins his shadow period today. This begins what will end up being a ‘high wire’ act. You will revisit the past. You’ll have the opportunity to *go off the grid* and clear up the airways. If you find yourself thrown back into a ‘déjà vu’ scenario, get curious and ask what was missed, overlooked or not communicated.

Use this time to *go back* over the same degrees.  If you find that the universe provides you with a delay or detour, over the next 17 days, its purpose is to help you rediscover something that was missed the first time around. Frustrations are ‘on purpose’ and ‘for a purpose.’ In Aquarius, you’ll be provided with lots of food for thought and some sudden ‘out of the blue’ ——– “Holy Astrology” Batman was that Mercury, the Joker or Uranus, Mr Freeze. Uh Oh!

You will be on your last nerve; from the physical to the mental. Everyone will have conviction and be very adamant ……but not so fast.  Just like that, a lightning fast diagnosis is as likely to be not just outrageous but perhaps wrong. That ‘mercurial ball’ of liquid iron attracts the most unusual circumstance when spinning backwards under the influence of Hermes, the Greek “Messenger of the Gods.”

Mercury enters the sign of Aquarius at 8:08 PM and suddenly you’ll be looking for substance.  Hungry for knowledge, you’ll start to expand beyond your limited and narrow-minded autocratic thought processes. Everyone will take on a more idealistic and liberal view. This the fertile soil for *great, creative ideas.*

Whenever Uranus is in the house, expect that something *out there* comes *in here* which changes up everything in unpredictable fashion. Any prearranged patterns get reshuffled; so build that into your agenda. Your past and future collide in the present.

By 9:34 PM, some deep emotional issues lying under the surface will be trying to *get your goat,” setting the table for a delectable, delicious delight of warmed over Pluto and Uranus Square served ala mode.  Step back and relinquish the need to defend. You’ll be better off. These Twisted, manipulative tactics are designed to illicit a irrevocable reaction. Remember the so-called facts are most likely pre-manufactured to suit the cause. The rebels, with or with a cause, can’t hep themselves.

This all takes place *Just in Time*  for the Full Moon to pop at seven minutes to Midnight on the East Coast. The Capricorn-Cancer Axis pushes and pulls. The caretaker verse the Provider. The one that wins is the one that you feed. You wrestle between ‘being responsible for and taking care of’ versus ‘being addicted to and feeling needed.’ Avoid the *blame game* for any anger issues that may arise. All this leads to a rather self centered and ego centric behavior pattern if allowed free reign. To counter act and balance the necessary forces requires an antidote. You’ll have your choice of the following remedies: a) neutral discussion b) letting it go completely c) gratitude d) any combination of the three.

This is the perfect illumination to set in motion something that is”out there;” something grand if you can harness the largeness. The energy is potent and can be very explosive. Put your blinders on, focus, use your tunnel vision and be very discriminating in regards to who, what and where you let things in. ……….  In other words, filter and limit any outside interference and go for it.


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