Saturday January 3, 2015

~ Creative Self Expression: “Do You hear What I Hear.”  Its pretty hard not to …….. The Capricorn Sun is in square aspect to Uranus-in-Aries. Do you feel the urge to push? That Internal force to break free ——-. what ‘New’ experiences are shouting your name? Calling you to action?

Out of the blue, via a  challenge or controversy, you come to not only ‘smell’ the coffee, you are pushed to take charge and brew a whole pot of your signature brand. The urge to make a move is overwhelming. But ……….do stop and think things out. Make a thorough plan or you could find yourself in quite a pickle. If you have faithfully done your homework, you are ready. Your support system is in order.

Join forces with like-minded family and friends. You have got the green light and the cosmic pathways open up for you. Bond with those that share common goals. You have greater control to focus and work hard now.

This aspect provides you with the opportunity to shine and use your God-given talents and strengths. Look in the mirror …….. you know ‘exactly’ when, where and how you “stand out from the crowd.” You know precisely what you were born to do. Your purpose: your Dharma. Do “what you do best” every single day. Ironically, we spend far too much time and energy trying to fit in when it is *how we stand out* that makes us shine.

After dinner, the Moon goes Home Sweet Home. A sigh of relief and a sweet smile as you retreat. Grab that security blanket; wrap yourself in Safety and seek your special Sanctuary. Perhaps you can pull out some old photo albums or watch old family videos.  Rummage through places where you keep cherished memories and trinkets. You’ll want to stay close to home and hearth, surrounded by the familiar. Peace and Quiet. Pull the reins back temporarily on the Changes.  You simply do not have the appetite for too much new right now so do not force the issue ( …….. for now).

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