~ For us in the cold northeast – we have a  ‘hot’ weekend ahead = lots of action. Today’s Gemini Moon in tandem with Uranus-in-Aries mix it up for a interesting harbinger of things to come. You’ll get more than a few clues. P.S. The full moon on the 4th in Cancer is building and she’s ready to pop.  Oh …….” and she is also ready to “wrap up this Holiday Season.” She is wrapping it up with a bow and shutting ‘er down.

Hmmmm ……….Now lets see what is on her agenda. Release from your life the elements that do not serve your higher-self. Reaffirm your commitments.

Do something different; break from routine —- and you just might be pleasantly surprised. Either way, you’ll have yourself a story to tell. With heart and mind *open,”  Uranus is ‘Unwrapped and Unencumbered.’ This guy loves freedom, he’s at his best and delivers faster than Fed Ex priority overnight.

Leftover from yesterday and still very active is ‘Mars and Jupiter.’ These two love expanding on all issues and God forbid, even blowing them out of proportion. Dial it back. You don’t have all the facts and even if you do, rest assured that NOT everyone has the same agenda.  And my dear friends ………that is the problem.

Soooooo—–forget about it. The factions are working at cross purposes and that is a losing battle. Assuming everyone wants the same outcome is major mistake and leads to endless battles. If you are having the same fight, ‘trust me;’ your agendas are different.  With the light from the Capricorn Sun approaching,  “Get Clear” on the things that are of value for you.

You can Nail down what *you are* committed to: what is of lasting value for you. The 2015 Purging and Releasing continues ………as the full moon continues to rise

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