Thursday, January 1, 2015

 ~ Caution!  The ‘Changeable Gemini Moon’ comes into play at 12:09 PM on this very first day of the year. The road seems a bit rocky, especially … the first three months of the year. This is because the ‘Pluto Uranus Square’ builds to a crescendo for its finale. However, in spite of or because of this, 2015 promises to be a better year than recent ones. This last ‘Uranus-Pluto Square’ hits and this is the End …….. as with all endings, we celebrate New Beginnings.

Keep on track in Bon Jovi style; “Keep the Faith.” Dressed as a Knight in Shining Amour or like any number of our Super Heroes, you get to claim your very own superpower. Don your mask and cape.

Combine today’s energy and make it work for you. You’ll have an over abundance of Jupiter-in-Leo. Mars is very active and outrageous in Aquarius with the changeable Gemini Moon and a dreamy ‘Neptune-in-Pisces’ in the picture. You’ll have a lot of energy to burn.

Outrageous Ops wait for you this 2015 when you get your “best team player on.” Go for the MVP title; compete for Most Valuable Player and some amazing results will unfold.

For today, you are optimistic and could definitely over-estimate your capabilities. You can be sure there will be plenty of action when Mars and Jupiter hook up; especially when in opposition. This is the “Great Learning Experience” aspect. ((Excuse me for a minute while I contemplate Just why we always equate the not so wonderful times as Learning Experiences.))

To minimize the effects and the gravity of the lesson to be learned, aka the learning experience…. turn the volume way down on just about everything like ideas or plans.  You’ll be feeling overly ambitious but care has to be taken not to overdo it or maybe a few of you have already overdone it. (Ringing in the New Year).  Jupiter is in the game and very involved! He is bringing in this new year and He loves to attach the prefix ‘over’ to everything…

As the day moves in, so does the effect of ‘Moon Squares Neptune.’ Issues from the past may come back in an attempt to undermine your happiness. Could be you learn that you were deceived. At any rate, you’re not getting the whole picture. When these two hook up, ‘no one’ gets it straight. If you really need the facts,  getting them will be difficult. So reserve judgement and avoid decisions. Blow it all off if you can. Let it Roll ……… like water off a duck’s back.

On the mundane level, get those running shoes out of the closet and head to the gym. Slow, Steady and Secure triumphs.

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